Varsha Bhatia RI


Varsha is an accomplished artist whose background in architecture profoundly influences her detailed and atmospheric watercolour paintings. Trained and initially working as an architect, Varsha draws on her expertise to focus on architectural monuments, meticulously studying their details, styles, and ambience. Her unique perspective is shaped by her experiences living in both India and the UK, allowing her to encompass a diverse range of Indian and Western architectural styles in her work.

Varsha's primary medium is watercolour, through which she has developed a distinctive style that brings architectural elements to life with remarkable detail and a three-dimensional effect. Her paintings often feature historical buildings, capturing both their exteriors and interiors with precision and depth. She strives to incorporate as much detail as possible, creating works that are both visually striking and rich in architectural heritage.

In recognition of her talent and contribution to the art of watercolour, Varsha was elected a member of The Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours (RI) in 2018. Her work continues to captivate audiences with its intricate detail and the compelling way it bridges the architectural traditions of the East and West.