Roger Aslin RI


Roger Aslin is an accomplished artist whose work delves into the dynamics of the figure and the urban environment, heavily influenced by his ongoing interest in film and television. His paintings explore how people interact with contemporary settings, showcasing urban life in dramatic colour and shade. Aslin employs a highly contrasting palette to emphasise shape and form, creating visually striking compositions.

 Aslin begins his creative process by capturing images on camera or phone, which he then refines and hones digitally in the studio. His paintings, executed on paper, board, or canvas, use water-based media, primarily acrylic. The intense colour of his finished pieces is achieved through the meticulous application of multiple layers, allowing the image to evolve during the process as elements are added or subtracted to achieve the final composition.

 With a background in both visual arts and writing, including film scripts and published fiction, Aslin transitioned from the music industry nearly 20 years ago to focus exclusively on painting. His dedication has led to significant recognition, with features in publications such as Artists and Illustrators Magazine and various online platforms in the UK and US. His exhibitions include notable solo shows like ‘Urban Narratives’ and ‘The City Revealed’ at the Hay Hill Gallery in London.