Paul Treasure

Paul Treasure is a British painter renowned for his expressive oil paintings reflecting the natural world. With movement, texture, and gestural brushwork, his artworks capture the emotional essence of places. Inspired by scenic coastlines and global travels, Paul's use of light, color, and a palette knife creates depth and unifies his works.

Born in 1961 in Gloucestershire, Paul studied at Cheltenham College of Art before gaining international recognition in London. His art adorned public spaces and private collections. After a transformative year of travel in 1991, exploring Africa, India, Southeast Asia, and Central America, Paul held successful solo shows. Notably, he served as the expedition artist for the first crossing of the Taklamakan Desert in 1993.

Paul's studio is a vibrant space where he immerses himself in the elements of nature. Working intuitively, he translates memories onto the canvas, using color mixing, texture building, and mark making to convey emotion. His spontaneous approach yields a multi-sensory body of work.

Now residing in Hampshire, Paul draws inspiration from the rivers, chalk streams, and seascapes of the Test Valley and the south coast. His paintings capture the transient spirit of nature, from overgrown riverbanks to atmospheric ocean blues.