Nigel Artingstall

Nigel was born in Cheshire in 1963 but soon after  moved to Harwood in Bolton, where he now lives with his wife and two young daughters. From a very young age Nigel showed an interest in wildlife and spent much of his time studying the fauna and flora around his home town. He demonstrated an early ability as an artist with his pencil drawings and slate etchings . By the age of eleven he started selling his work to friends, relatives and school teachers. Having  tried a number of different mediums he eventually  decided  that Gouache gave him the qualities he was looking for, because this water based paint had the versatility to be thinned and used with an airbrush, or used in its natural state thus enabling him  to create his wonderful images. The backgrounds for his work are almost entirely painted with an airbrush to give the photo realism effect, this together with the fine detail of the subject and foreground painted with a fine sable brush, creates an almost three dimensional image.

Nigel’s paintings have been featured in many magazines over recent years, including Lancashire Life, and his work has been selected by the R.S.P.B and published for greeting card designs by numerous companies. Apart from Nigel’s secondary school art education his ability is entirely self taught. His work is exhibited in many galleries throughout the UK, and has sold his original paintings at the Royal Academy Art Fairs in London and they are now sought after both here and abroad.