Mychael Barratt

Renowned artist Mychael Barratt is celebrated for his unique printmaking, blending the whimsical, historical, and poetic in his art. His rich visual narratives often feature reimagined literary and historical characters in unexpected roles. His extensive art book library and the city of London serve as wellsprings of inspiration for his work.

His pieces, although visually compelling, are given additional layers of meaning through their titles, which he describes as 'keys to understanding my motivation.' His works primarily focus on etching and engraving, starting life as meticulously planned sketches and drawings. These are then transferred onto copper plates using hard or soft ground and further treated with hand-applied aquatint for tone and texture. Despite introducing modern techniques such as multiple plates and colour separation, the essence of his printmaking process dates to Rembrandt's era.

Born in Canada, Barratt moved to London after art school in 1984 for a two-week stay. The city captivated him so much that two weeks turned into several decades. He graduated from Central St Martin's School of Art in 1989 and continues to be a London resident. Barratt was elected a member of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers in 1999, and ascended to the role of President in 2013, reflecting his influence and recognition within the artistic community.

Barratt's art can be found in exhibitions across the UK, including the Bankside Gallery and The Royal Academy, as well as in Canada, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. A dedicated studio he shares with Trevor Price (RE Vice President) is his creative sanctuary, where he continues to bring life to timeless narratives through his unique artistic style.