Michelle Mccullagh

Michelle McCullagh lives and works in Dorset. She graduated from Falmouth College of Arts with a Fine Art degree in 2008. Primarily an equestrian artist, Michelle has been drawing, painting animals for as long as she can remember. On entering her first exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London, Michelle won the prestigious prize for the Best Oil Painting, extending to a highly successful Solo Exhibition in London in December 2012.

Michelle's work starts with her sketchbook. She is always drawing from life and believes it to be the catalyst for all her paintings. She is fascinated with the anatomical structure of animals and has explored this to help her obtain a deeper understanding, when she is sketching and painting them.

Animals are a very important part of her life. She has ridden since she was three years old and went on to compete through the Pony Club, in dressage, show jumping and eventing. Although not currently competing she rides most days.

Michelle’s current work focuses largely on the movement of animals particularly the Thoroughbred Racehorse. Her fascination with the anatomy of animals is explored in her paintings of light. An original and compelling effect in many paintings is the juxtaposition of an animal with transparent white images appearing out of the canvas.

Last year she launched her first book , ‘RACING’. A book featuring life drawings clearly showing Michelle’s passion about capturing the horse in movement.