Michael Taylor

Michael trained in Ceramics at Bath Academy of Art and Preston Polytechnic where he studied for a Foundation Course in Art and Design. He has tutored ceramics students at the Cranston Training Centre, London and Bromley Adult Education College. He is a member of the West Country Potters Association.

Artist statement:

All my ceramics are hand thrown. I enjoy the challenge of creating very large one-off pieces such as my asymmetric footed bowls; I am also motivated by the discipline and repetition involved in making domestic production ware.

My work ranges from large, elegant bowls glazed in rich blues, deep greens and thick creams, to functional yet beautiful teapots, jugs, mugs and cheese platters. I pay strict attention to form and design, incorporating details that set my pieces apart from mainstream mass-produced items.

I love the freedom I have when throwing my one-off pieces; they provide me with a contrast to the constraints of my production ware. I like to experiment with different glazes, allowing each unique form to dictate the glaze combinations that I apply. The final excitement is the element of surprise that can occur in the firing, often with spectacular results, and it is this that I strive to exploit!

I want people to enjoy my ceramics, to use them and not treat them as precious objects displayed in a cabinet, only to be admired.

Technical Notes:

All my work is hand thrown and turned when leather hard to ensure regularity of form and surface.

It is biscuit fired to 1060°c in a gas kiln, then glaze fired using my own glaze recipes to a temperature of


Everything is dishwasher and oven proof.