Michael Simpson

Michael Simpson is internationally renowned for his breath-taking bronze sculptures that showcase both versatility and technical brilliance. Combining a lifelong fascination with animal behaviour and exceptional artistic talent, he creates tactile pieces that exude the charm and vibrant energy of domestic animals, birds, and wildlife.

Although Michael studied fine art at Staffordshire, it was his birthplace of Stoke-on-Trent—known as "The Potteries" due to its historical significance in the pottery industry—that ignited his love for sculpture. The renowned towns encompassed within "The Potteries" region have been the birthplace of some of the world's finest pottery work, fostering a deep appreciation for three-dimensional art forms like sculpture throughout Michael's upbringing.

Michael's creative process involves keen observation, using his own sketches and photographs as references that adorn the walls of his studio. He begins by sculpting in wax or clay, depending on the subject and size, before casting the final piece in bronze.

His exceptional work has garnered global acclaim and found its way into the collections of art enthusiasts worldwide. Michael has also collaborated with notable artists like David Shepherd and counts celebrities such as Tom Jones among his collectors. In addition, he has generously donated his art to raise funds for charitable organisations like the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and the Starlight Children's Foundation.

Reflecting on the history of his craft, Michael finds fascination in the enduring appeal of bronze. From ancient civilizations like Greece, Egypt, and Rome to the modern era, the art of bronze casting has remained largely unchanged. This connection to an ancient tradition serves as a firm foundation for Michael's contemporary sculptures, imbuing them with timeless allure.