Matthew Andrews

Matthew began his artistic career at the age of 8 throwing pots and making sculptural forms in clay.

At 11 he persuaded his parents to let him create a dark room in an outbuilding and was given a Box Brownie camera. Forgetting to wind on the film, his first photograph was a melange of three images which he found fascinating and he has been experimenting with melange imagery ever since and learning to see beauty in everything.

Matthew built his own holography studio in the 1980s in Camberwell and taught himself how to many holograms which resulted in his acceptance and the RCA in 1987 to study for an MA in Holography.

After college he taught himself how to make lenticulars and has learnt about various digital and print technologies as they have developed, experimenting with these visual forms for the last 50 years, to tell stories, raise questions and stir the mud of ideas into beautiful artworks.

Personal Statement:

‘There is no truth, just questions to which we have to find our own answers. The only constant is continuous change. The only purpose is discovery and the sharing of what you understand in whatever way you can.’