Massimo Danielis


Massimo Danielis, born in 1963 in Neuss, is an artist who embraces experimentation and learning through trial and error. Initially indulging in painting as a hobby while studying tourism business administration and working for Alitalia, he shifted to pursue his passion for art full-time in 1993. Danielis, who studied at the Seville Art Academy and the Munich Art Academy, specialises in oil painting and printmaking techniques like etching and lithography.

Now based in Pfaffenhofen and Udine, his work explores the aesthetic poetry in everyday objects and surfaces, abstracting them to their essence and inviting viewers to interpret them through their own experiences.

Danielis' art has gained international acclaim, featuring in prestigious collections worldwide, including the British Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, Museum Meermanno, Fondation Carré d'Art, Espoo Art Museum, and more, reflecting his significant impact on the contemporary art scene.