Mary Burtenshaw

Mary Burtenshaw was born in London in 1972. She studied Fine Art at the
Norwich School of Art and Design, graduating with a Fine Art BA (Hons) in 1994. She now lives near London. Mary currently combines her painting with a career in publishing and has created and illustrated several children books.

Artist Statement: “I paint impressionist and abstract pastel landscapes which are inspired by my love of the countryside and the many and varied places I visit. I create the atmosphere and feeling of a place with the use of texture and light.
For the past few years I have painted landscapes using soft pastels on watercolour paper which gives an intensity of colour and a strong texture but also the soft contours that suit the space of my subject matter. I am continually exploring the use of the medium. I have been greatly influenced by many different artists but also by my grandfather
Geo Ray Burtenshaw a landscape artist.”
“Light has colour but colour also has light”