Louise Bird

Louise Bird, a seasoned printmaker, draws inspiration from the appealing subject of natural history. Bees have been a lifelong fascination since her Fine Art Printmaking degree. Louise aims to spread awareness about the critical challenges faced by bees due to the loss of their habitats, stemming from modern farming practices and the decline of wild areas. While bees remain a central focus, Louise has expanded her artistic repertoire to include insects and birds, revealing the interconnectedness of nature.

With a penchant for diverse print techniques, Louise excels in mezzotint, a meticulous process demanding patience and time. By skilfully layering prints and blending collagraph, monoprint, painting, and drawing, she crafts captivating and unique compositions brimming with depth.

Louise Bird's impressive career spans over 20 years as a printmaker based in Norfolk. Her works have graced esteemed exhibitions, including 'The Society of Wildlife Artists annual show' in London, 'The Royal College of Art' in London, and the renowned 'Affordable Art Fair' in New York. She takes pride in her involvement with 'The Norwich Print Fair' since its inception and has organised 'Print Fair Elements' at The Forum in Norwich, promoting printmaking in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Critics praise Louise Bird's expertise in bees and their habitats, evident in her captivating artwork. Her larger pieces feature giant bumblebees radiating warmth, while delicate honeybees diligently toil. Louise's art invites us to appreciate the charm and wonder of the insect world.