Lisa Ellul

Lisa Ellul is a ceramicist based in the Peak District National Park.

Inspired by the natural beauty of her surroundings, Ellul’s work is informed by the sublimity and complexity of natural structures and textures found in plants, bark, seed pods, corals and shells.

Lisa’s ceramic vessels are constructed from layers of finely rolled tubes or cones of clay, which are joined together to create structures. Some vessels are multi-layered and hold a solid, weighted volume. Others are simple one-layer vessels resembling seed pods and cones. The surfaces are bone-like, with fossilised leaf patterns and inlayed textures. Simple washes of oxides serve to highlight texture and the occasional use of gold leaf adds a luxurious touch.

Ellul cites the renowned German marine biologist, philosopher and artist Ernst Haeckel as a defining figure for her practice. Published in his seminal book ‘Kunstformen der Natur,’ Haeckel’s illustrations are credited with being key influences for the Art Nouveau movement which followed in the late 19th century. Much like Art Nouveau, with its emphasis on intricate and decorative design, Ellul’s sculptures blur the lines between fine art and applied arts.