Lindy Barletta

Lindy studied textile design at Hereford College of Art.  She had careers in management and Interior Design before finding Ceramics in her late 30’s.  

A trained thrower, Lindy makes all manner of ceramics, including home wares; large platters, jugs, mugs, teapots and bowls of all sizes.  These are usually made in highly colourful glazed porcelain.  She also makes large stoneware vases and lamp bases in the ‘Picasso’ style and to commission.

Her passion is making her own porcelain clay in different colours.  These clays are layered together on the wheel with white porcelain and thrown to create vessels which emerge as Landscapes or Seascapes in clay.  They are pictures in the clay.  Each batch is a limited edition and the surface of the work is burnished and highly polished to achieve a smooth and tactile finish, pleasing to touch, hold or just look at.  The inside of the pieces have a clear glaze.