Kirsten Jones

Artist Kirsten Jones was born in Hartlepool in 1968 and spent her childhood on the picturesque island of Jersey. She later went on to acquire a B.A. Hons Fine Art Degree in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Kirsten's creative journey has been inspired by cherished objects and their imagined histories, with a particular interest in the adorned and diverse surfaces that can be found in everyday life.

Kirsten is an ardent collector of fragments and motifs, which she carefully documents in her sketchbooks. These fragments are later incorporated into her artwork as collaged elements. Her artwork often incorporates strong narratives, often based on the location where she discovered or obtained the object.

Her artistic process includes the use of gesso, inks, and washes of acrylic paint on collaged surfaces. Kirsten uses vintage envelopes, stamps, dictionary text, and maps to create rich, layered compositions that evoke memories associated with the featured objects. In her recent series, The Garden paintings, Kirsten blends flower studies with collected text, cards, and varied papers, resulting in vibrant images that reference a memory, time, or place.

Kirsten's limited edition prints are hand-worked and signed by the artist and produced in runs of 250. The images are printed on Hahnemühle fine art paper using archival-quality, UV-stable pigment inks, ensuring that the artwork is both beautiful and valuable.