Khrystyna Naiuk

Khrystyna Naiuk is a talented ceramicist from Ukraine who is now living and working in Oxfordshire. Khrystyna, who is 22 years old, had to leave her home country due to the outbreak of war. She now lives with her sponsor and her identical twin sister, Maria, who also has a sponsor in the same village.

Before moving to the UK, Khrystyna had been working in a ceramic workshop in Ukraine and had studied ceramics at university. Fortunately, she has been able to continue her passion at Wychford Pottery near Shipston-on-Stour. We are thrilled to exhibit her beautifully crafted tiny vases and scented candles in ceramic pots.

Khrystyna's family has been affected by the war, with her father still fighting in Ukraine and her mother and another sister now living in Poland. As a way to help those who are suffering, Khrystyna has pledged to donate 30% of her earnings to a charity called 'God from the Heart'. This organization in Central and Western Ukraine provides art therapy and events to children who are undergoing cancer treatment. The charity was founded by a young woman who lost her brother to cancer about two years ago.

Khrystyna understands the pain of living with loved ones in war zones and has a strong desire to help those in need. She writes, "My Dad is also fighting for a peaceful sky over Ukraine, and I know what it's like to worry every day for my relatives. I can't even imagine what people feel who will never be able to hug their loved ones again."

As a way to support Khrystyna's efforts, all income from the sale of her work at the gallery will also be donated to 'God from the Heart'.