Khrystyna Nayuk

Khrystyna Nayuk is 22 years old.  Her home is in Ukraine.  She came to live in the UK this year following the outbreak of war, and now lives in Oxfordshire with her sponsor.  She has an identical twin sister, Maria, who also lives in the same village with another sponsor and the two are acclimatising to a new life in England.


Khrystyna is a ceramicist, she studied at university in Ukraine, and had been working in a ceramic workshop in Ukraine before coming to the UK.  She is now working at Whichford Pottery near Shipston-on-Stour, which has enabled her to continue in her chosen profession.


We are delighted to be exhibiting her work – tiny vases, Christmas tree bells and scented candles in ceramic pots.


Khrystyna’s mother and another sister now live in Poland, whilst her father is still in Ukraine, fighting in the war. 


Krystyna had pledged ‘from the money I receive, I want to donate 30% to the Radist organization located in Warsaw. They collect gifts for Ukrainian children who lost their parents due to the war. Through my acquaintances, unfortunately, I personally know such children. Therefore, it is very important for me.  My Dad is also fighting for a peaceful sky over Ukraine, and I know what's it like to worry every day for my relatives.  I can't even imagine what people feel who will never be able to hug their loved ones again...’


All gallery income from sales of her work will also be given to the Radist organization.