Julia Sorrel RI


Julia Sorrell, born in 1955 in Essex, is a distinguished British artist known for her portraits and compositions featuring natural forms like wood, shells, rocks, and plants. She works with pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, pastel, watercolour and oil. Sorrell's art is rooted in direct observational drawing, focusing on lines and contours to clearly convey her subjects' structure and detail.

Educated at Goldsmiths College and the Royal Academy Schools in London, Julia was influenced by her artistic parents, Alan and Elizabeth Sorrell. She has exhibited extensively in London, Britain, and internationally, with works in private and public collections, including the National Portrait Gallery and the MacDonald Institute of Archaeological Research.

Beyond painting, Julia teaches and writes about art and her father's legacy. She was elected to the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours in 2008, the Royal Society of British Artists in 2009, and the Norwich Twenty Group in 2010.

 In 2015, Julia received the first TravelArt Award from the ACE Foundation, leading to the ‘Wild and Ancient Orkney’ exhibitions, featuring her large hand-embroidered sculpture "Reverence" made with Orkney wool, displayed at Stapleford Granary, Cambridge.