Jenny Dingwall


Jenny Dingwall is a mathematician by day and an artist by night. Her artistic expressions are deeply rooted in mathematical concepts such as pattern, symmetry, perspective and proportion. She views these principles as vital to creating art that resonates with a sense of harmony and balance. This mathematical influence is particularly evident in her exploration of light and shadow. She is drawn to the architectural elegance of historic buildings and captivated by nature's transient forms, like the fleeting dance of reflections on water.

Jenny's art predominantly features buildings and landscapes, rendered in stark black and white. This deliberate choice strips away the distraction of colour, allowing a focus on the interplay of light and dark and the intricate shapes and textures within her compositions.

Having grown up in Oxfordshire, Jenny embarked on her printmaking journey in 2018 after experimenting with various art forms. Her creative process begins with sketches and photographs, which are meticulously transformed into detailed linocut designs. This process, often stretching over several weeks, demands immense precision and attention to detail. For Jenny, each piece is not just an artistic creation, but a meditative and reflective practice, blending the rigour of mathematics with the fluidity of art.