Jackie Morris

'The Lost Words' is a collaboration between Jackie Morris and Robert MacFarlane, author of 'Landmarks' and 'The Wild Places'.

It had come to the attention of some who work in the world of words that certain words were slipping out of common usage. As a result when it came to amend the Oxford University Press Junior Dictionary for a new edition some words were gone included bluebell, conker, heron, acorn and perhaps the one that cut the deepest for Jackie, kingfisher.

'The Lost Words' was the response of The two collaborators. How could these words be removed? What did that teach children about the importance of wild places. When you work in the world of words, language, such things have power. How can we teach children that bluebells are important, that acorns have value, if the words are not important enough to be in the dictionary found in most schools?

Jackie has produced a range of signed limited edition prints taken from the illustrated book which are available to order. Each print has a small quotation from Robert MacFarlane's poetry at the bottom, taken from 'The Lost Words' book.