Ian Roberts

Ian Roberts is a craftsman specialising in the creation of exquisite Raku pottery clocks. Drawing inspiration from the rich history of Raku firing, a technique originating in sixteenth-century Japan, Ian's work pays homage to the elegance and simplicity that defined this revered art form.

Raku pottery emerged from the necessity to produce vessels for the Japanese tea ceremony, an integral aspect of Japanese culture. In stark contrast to other ceramics of its time, Raku pieces embodied a sense of refined beauty, aligned with the Zen aesthetics cherished during tea ceremonies. It was Chojiro, a visionary potter, who introduced and developed the distinctive style that has come to be known as Raku. Central to the Raku process is the removal of the pots from the kiln while they are still searing hot, imbuing them with an element of spontaneity and intrigue.

In the West, the term "Raku" carries various translations, each capturing the essence of pleasure, enjoyment, contentment, and felicity. The journey of Raku pottery from Japan to the Western world began in the 1920s when Bernard Leach introduced this firing technique. However, it was in the early 1960s that Paul Soldner, an innovative artist in the United States, embarked on his experiments with Raku. It was during this time that he made a notable discovery—the post-firing reduction technique, involving the introduction of combustible materials. This technique, unique to Western Raku, enhances the surface's crackling effect, giving birth to the lustrous finishes that have become the hallmark of modern Raku pottery.

Through Ian Roberts' meticulous craftsmanship and dedication, his Raku pottery clocks exemplify a harmonious fusion of ancient traditions and contemporary artistry. Each piece stands as a testament to the enduring allure of Raku.