Helen Martino

Helen studied at the Central School of Art and Design, London in 1969 after completing her Foundation at Farnham in 1965. She also holds a Diploma in Printmaking at Anglia Ruskin University. She has exhibited nationally over 20 years and in Belgium and Holland since 2002.

“I am fascinated by body language within both the moving and still image. The exaggerated and stylised movements in silent movies provide inspiration. Equally interesting are Mogul and Persian miniatures; a still gesture, combined with intricate and symbolic composition, captures a moment which tells both a past and a future story. My sculptures, often intimate in size, relate to the moment, where great or small events in people’s lives are revealed by gesture and communication.”

Helen uses hand building techniques with soft, flexible sheets of high-firing clay. These are freely cut, curved and twisted. Surfaces are decorated with slips, under-glaze pigments, paper and wax resists. Silver, gold and copper leaf and lustres are often added.