Helen Glassford

Born in Lancaster in 1976. Graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College, Dundee in 2002 with a Masters in Fine Art.
During her further education Helen received the following prestigious awards:
2001 MFA Scholarship: Duncan of Jordanstone
1999 The Armour Award: RGI
1998 Cuthbert New Young Artist Award: RGI
1998 Highland Spring Purchase Prize
1998 Sir Robin Phillipson Memorial Medal: RSA
She was also runner-up at the Jolomo Lloyds TSB Landscape Painting Award in June 2007.

Helen lives in Fife and exhibits throughout Scotland and also in Ireland, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Oxfordshire and London. Her paintings are in essence abstractions of the Scottish landscape in which she finds herself immersed. She reacts freely to the immensity of nature before her. Graphite scratched across a primed ground, loose colour washes, determined single brush strokes and ghostly scumbled glazes are some of her techniques.

"My life in art begins and ends with the Scottish landscape and a deep desire to translate and communicate this....it begins with my relationship with the remote areas of Scotland; locations so physically and geographically powerful and intense that it is hard not to be affected by the spirit of the place."