Georgia Hart

Georgia Hart is a British-Canadian artist. Her impasto oil paintings are created exclusively using palette knives, adding a striking 3D quality to her work that sits upon the delicate and pristine oil paper she carefully chooses for her pieces.

Through her unique technique, Georgia aims to go beyond the traditional landscape painting, using the contrasting textures to evoke intense emotions in the viewer and transport them to a place that is both familiar and distant.

What sets Georgia apart from other landscape artists is her focus on exploring the ever-changing nature of landscapes. Her pieces are a visual representation of how perspective, weather, and seasons can come together to create fleeting moods that are often beyond our control.

It is no surprise that her representational work is heavily influenced by her love for wild and rugged places that still manage to feel like home. From the stunning beaches of Cornwall to the majestic mountain peaks of Canada, Georgia's pieces capture the raw and natural beauty of the world around us.