George Politis RI AWS


George Politis is a painter whose fascination with time and its impact on objects and nature is central to his work. He finds truth and excitement in the old, rusty, and ravaged, drawing inspiration from commonly overlooked items. Each piece evokes dramatically different feelings, whether emphasising serenity, loneliness, atmosphere, or melancholy.

 Politis primarily works in watercolours and acrylics, occasionally incorporating collage or pen and ink. He prefers painting on heavy watercolour paper, often rough or cold pressed. His paintings evolve through multiple layers, creating texture and depth. Politis begins with sketches, sometimes in miniature, before proceeding to the final paintings.

 His work has been featured in Greek newspapers and in magazines such as ‘The Artist’ (UK), ‘L'Aquarelliste’ (Canada), ‘International Artist,’ and ‘L'Art de l'Aquarelle’ (France). His paintings are also included in publications like ‘Le Grand Livre de l'Aquarelle’ and ‘Splash 7 - Best of Watercolour’ (North Light Books).

 Politis has exhibited his work worldwide, gaining international recognition for his distinctive approach and evocative themes.