Felicity Flutter RI SGFA


Felicity Flutter has focused on watercolour painting for the last 30 years since becoming self-employed. Previously, she worked in Sales Promotion Advertising and Graphic Design in London. In her current work, she aims to capture the power and energy of the sea using the delicate yet versatile medium of watercolours. She employs an interplay of detailed and looser mark-making techniques.

Felicity works from initial sketches and photographic references, manipulating and splicing her images in Photoshop to adjust tone, colour, light and shade before painting. Her process involves careful layering of watercolour, utilising both wet into wet and wet on dry techniques, and often finishing with a dry brush and opaque white highlights to capture the action and movement of water.

She is deeply attuned to the natural world, drawing inspiration from observing wild weather and wave forms while being buffeted by gales on the beach. Each storm brings new colours and shapes, feeding endless possibilities into her work. Felicity is also actively engaged in supporting the coastal environment through beach cleaning and other conservation efforts.