Emma Dunbar

Born in 1961 in England, Emma Dunbar has become a celebrated artist known for capturing the essence of her subjects. Her paintings, characterised by their elegance and simplicity, illuminate the subtleties of everyday life, elevating and celebrating them. Through her use of bold colours and distilled forms, Dunbar crafts works that exude both straightforwardness and sophistication.

Emma is deeply inspired by vibrant colours and the decorative allure of commonplace items. Her artistry often juxtaposes these items against recognisable landscapes and landmarks, featuring elements like birds, shells, and flowers as focal points.

Her painting practice has been enriched by her vibrant travels in India, leisurely holidays across the UK, and even unpredictable moments, such as the playful interruptions by cats or children on her wet canvases. Moreover, the influences of renowned artists like Mary Fedden, Milton Avery, and Daphne McClure are evident in her work.

Instead of a strict representation, she aims for her pieces to encapsulate a particular atmosphere or essence, weaving together fragments of journeys, familiar patterns, and cherished objects into artworks that reverberate with the depth of her inspirations.

Emma primarily works with acrylic on board, but occasionally experiments with collage, adding touches like gold and silver leaf. Her foundational skills in printmaking are evident in her approach, especially her technique of employing flat colour blocks and revealing underlying hues by etching through the top layers.

Completing her BA(hons) in Fine Art Printmaking from West Surrey College of Art and Design in 1984, Dunbar has since showcased her art globally. As part of our Autumn Exhibition, we are exhibiting a curated display of her latest work. Join us at Iona House Gallery in Woodstock to experience it in person.