Emma Chambers

"I can see her sitting beneath a tree
Her canvas growing into a camouflage
Of her surroundings
Brushes carefully and casually lying there
Like the other twigs
And how she too is nestled
In this other life where she remembers green."

An exert from a poem by Charlotte Whittle for her mother and artist, Emma Chambers
Emma is most interested in plants that go unnoticed; small landscapes underfoot. With intense observation she is able to untangle the most complex of visual challenges. Sitting at ground level she gains a unique insight, almost an insect’s eye view of the world. She documents what she sees and invites the viewer to take a closer look, and become absorbed in the quiet complexity of nature. Notes are often included in her paintings adding to the viewers sense of being present.

Having studied textile design at Brighton Emma embarked on a career as a freelance designer. Elements of her training, such as pattern and layout still in form her work.
As an Associate member of the Royal Watercolour society she exhibits regularly at Bankside Gallery. She has also exhibited with the RI at The Mall Gallery and has had work exhibited at the RA summer Exhibition.