Eithne Roberts

Since graduating from D.I.T. with a B.A. (hons) in Fine Art, Eithne has been painting from her studio at home in Co. Dublin, and exhibiting on a regular basis throughout Ireland and the UK.

‘When in college I studied ceramics and although I thought my little clay bowls beautiful I think that as the subjects of my first paintings they really came into their own... First inspired by the beautiful and quiet work of Giorgio Morandi, I used my little vessels as subject matter within my paintings and became inspired by the shapes and surfaces transferred onto my canvas. Since those first paintings more shapes and objects have appeared, from small little jugs, cups and bowls, to flowers and peas and apples, all familiar domestic pieces that I find throughout my kitchen and pieces that I pick up along the way, utterly unremarkable in their simplicity and objects that we use every day, little treasures that catch my eye in flee markets and interesting little shops. Contemplative and quiet works, I hope the simple beauty of these familiar objects introduce a poetic moment to the everyday... My portraits stem in many ways from my still life studies. Figures within the frame, looking out quietly at the viewer‘.