Dean Kendrick

Dean Kendrick, with 25 years of experience in the arts, is renowned for his unique approach to sculpting. He begins with a sketch that evolves into a detailed plan, either through traditional wax sculpting or 3D digital techniques. This process reflects his insatiable curiosity and continual exploration of new artistic forms, cementing his reputation in the art world.

His expertise is showcased in our exclusive collection of limited edition sculptures. These pieces, a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern digital methods, are testaments to his impressive talent. They are ideal for collectors seeking art that resonates over time.

Kendrick's nature-themed sculptures draw inspiration from the natural world. Capturing the beauty of both wild and domestic landscapes, these works resonate with countryside enthusiasts and admirers of wildlife-themed art. The vivid and impactful sculptures encourage a reconnection with the natural world's richness.

Additionally, Dean's proficiency in bronze sculpting is noteworthy. Working with this medium, he brings out the best in his creations. Our selection of Kendrick's bronze sculptures adds a unique depth and character to any space, particularly appealing to those passionate about nature.