David Flower

David Flower is a name that has become synonymous with the UK glassmaking scene over the last 15 years. He has earned a reputation as a leading light in his field, thanks to his exclusive work on commission for glass collectors from all over the world. His pieces can be found in collections as far afield as Saudi Arabia, Denmark and the United States.

David's extensive expertise as a craftsman allows him to take on commissions of varied scale and complexity. He has completed some impressive projects, including a significant lead on £250,000 sculptures, alongside designing and crafting chandeliers, dining tables and his own beautiful pieces.

As a highly skilled maker, David is frequently sought after to create the work of other glass designers. He has previously worked closely with celebrated London glassmaker Peter Layton, symbiotically designing and making for the great man. Even now, David relishes the challenge of creating other artists' work, with the likes of Fran Staniland, Katherine Wightman, and Gary Webb continuing to stretch his abilities.

David's deep respect for the material he works with is evident in his approach to his craft. He firmly believes that there is nothing impossible in glassmaking and that it's important to listen to, respect and work with the material to coax it into becoming something beautiful. In his own words, "You cannot force it, but you cannot let it force you. You are in a symbiotic relationship with it; it will not love you back if you don't."