Daphne Stephenson Merchandise


Daphne Stephenson, a celebrated Primitive Naive Artist, has earned widespread recognition in the art world, with collectors from around the globe seeking her exquisite works. Notably, her largest collection of 14 paintings is owned by esteemed institutions such as Lehman Brothers Debby Brice in the Bahamas, alongside other prominent bankers like JPMorgan and ING Bank.

From an early age, Daphne's passion for Exotic Tropical scenes and lush vegetation, including Palm Trees, Leopards, and Birds of Paradise, has been evident. Influenced by her upbringing in Pakistan, memorable holidays in Kashmir, and transformative travels through India and Africa, her art beautifully reflects these cherished memories.

Recently inspired by her experiences in Bermuda, Bahamas, Seychelles, and Jamaica, Daphne infuses her works with an eclectic mix of diverse cultures and backgrounds, imbuing them with charm, wit, and sophistication.

Beyond her artistic endeavours, Daphne's talent has extended to designing scarves, ties, and serving as the In House Designer for Halcyon Days at their Bond Street headquarters. She also founded various small enterprises, creating designs for belts, hand-painted shoe trees, novelty matchboxes, and flamboyant lamps using lost & found collectibles, all while dedicating herself to teaching for many years.

Daphne's impact on the art community is further exemplified by her nine-year tenure as Chairman of the Association of British Naives. Her art has featured in prestigious exhibitions at The Royal Academy Piccadilly, ING Bank City London, Masterworks Museum Bermuda, Agora Soho New York, John Martin Piccadilly, 28 Dover Street, and numerous other established galleries.