Dana Finch

Dana Finch, a versatile artist hailing from Cheshire, has embarked on a lifelong journey through various parts of the UK and Europe, immersing herself in the awe-inspiring landscapes of Denmark, Germany, Scotland, London, Devon, and her current home in Cornwall. Influenced by wild terrains, deserts, and rugged mountains, her artwork showcases the robust forms of desert plants, while also exploring the poetic narratives of cultivated gardens.

Having encountered Moorish gardens and palaces in Spain during her childhood, Dana's artistic soul was forever imprinted with their enchanting allure. Now based in West Cornwall, she paints in a studio nestled within Trewidden Gardens, near the vibrant town of Newlyn, surrounded by a dramatic and wondrous environment that continues to inspire her.

Dana's artistic talent has garnered recognition, with her work gracing private collections in the UK, US, and Europe, including at the University of Oxford. Her captivating paintings transcend traditional composition and narrative, inviting viewers to interpret and connect with her art on a personal and emotional level.

With each brushstroke, Dana conveys a profound sense of connection with the natural world, urging us to honour and protect the delicate balance between humanity and the environment. Her artwork portrays plants not as individual species, but as universal archetypes, evoking the infinite potential within our living world.