Charlotte Gerrard


Charlotte Gerrard is an established London artist with a passion for the natural world and animal welfare, drawing inspiration for over 20 years from her studio at Blackhorse Lane Studios in Walthamstow. A regular on the national art scene, she actively participates in exhibitions, the E17 Art Trail, and Open Studios, while also inviting collectors to witness her creative process first-hand.

Gerrard's unique paintings are recognised for their opulent layers of gold paint and textured edges, giving each piece a sense of grandeur. With a focus on animals, her work ranges from hares to the Indian street cows she has been depicting for over 15 years, using vibrant colours and techniques inspired by Indian fabrics.

Committed to social causes, Gerrard donates a portion of her profits to TOLFA, supporting animal welfare in India. Her screen prints and giclée prints, beloved for their uniqueness and quality, offer collectors alternative ways to own her work.

Additionally, Gerrard contributes to public and community art initiatives, bringing environmental consciousness to the forefront through her roles as an artist-in-residence and educator, proving her dedication to both the arts and the environment.