Carol Griffin

As an enamel enthusiast for over ten years, 2010 gave Carol the opportunity to set up her own practise, as a designer maker, allowing me to develop her work, which she currently sells through selected galleries, exhibitions and craft fairs.

Member of the Guild of Enamellers Bursary Secretary and British Society of Enamellers Associate member

Artist Statement
I work mainly with sheet copper and vitreous enamel to create individually designed and made, wall panels, bowls, jewellery and 3D pieces.
Each piece has a unique visual and tactile quality, which I exploit and enhance, sometimes with the addition of a textured pewter setting, or the addition of frits or an embossed copper base. Some are experimental, incorporating both traditional and contemporary enamel techniques. All pieces are one-offs, some involving sifting many thin layers of enamel onto formed, often irregular copper shapes then high firing to produce an excitingly fluid, ambiguous explosion of colour and texture, only possible due to the interaction of the copper oxides with certain enamels at high temperatures.
Inspiration is taken mainly from my photographs, landscapes and seascapes, from telephoto to macro, often including decay and erosion, from skeletonised leaves to flakes of rusty metal and flaking paint on a worn door. The uncontrollable result of decay, over days or months or years, reveals layer upon layer of exciting textures, colour and detail, which becomes the focal point of some of my enamels.
I tend to work spontaneously, by manipulating the soft malleable copper into a variety of shapes and forms using presses and a range of paper & silversmithing tools, then experimenting with layers of enamel, liquid and powder, adding and subtracting to produce a handmade, vibrant, unique piece of art work.