Brian Smith RI SDWS

Brian Smith transforms ordinary subjects through his unique use of light and composition, creating images that invite viewer interpretation. His method simplifies scenes into tonal shapes, emphasising form and light. He draws inspiration from plein air, sketchbooks, and other references.

After an eight-year apprenticeship, Brian became a freelance artist in 1978, inspired by John Blockley. Initially based in Soho, he moved to Eastbourne to run a residential painting school. After his children grew up, he lived in Menorca before returning to the UK in 2010.

Now residing in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, Brian has a studio nearby and is active in the art community, conducting workshops and demonstrations throughout the UK. He teaches at West Dean College and Higham Hall. His work is inspired by everyday life and architectural backdrops.

Recent achievements include becoming a signature member of the San Diego Watercolour Society and winning the Jean Waters Memorial Award in 2023. He has been recognised by the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours since becoming a member in 2020. Brian also shares his expertise through articles in prominent art magazines like ‘The Artist’ and ‘The Art of Watercolour.’