Arlene Ramage


Arlene Ramage, a self-taught potter from Biggin Hill, transitioned from a career as a radiographer to an artist. She earned an MSc in Clinical Ultrasound in Brighton, retiring in 2001. After a period of searching for a new path, she found inspiration in clay sculpting.

In 2011, Ramage established her own studio, focusing on teaching both pottery throwing and sculpture. She is an active member of the Kent Potters Association, participating in events like Art in Clay in Hatfield and Farnham.

Her functional pottery, crafted to be oven and dishwasher safe, is fired at stoneware temperatures. Ramage enjoys creating her own glazes, adjusting recipes to capture elements of water and nature. She appreciates the beauty in imperfection, evident in her fondness for the unpredictable results of raku firing and the naturalistic effects of salt glazing, where the flames' journey becomes part of the artwork.