Annika Talsi

Annika Talsi was born in Málaga in 1985 of Spanish and Finnish parentage. She studied at the University of Seville, obtaining her degree in Fine Art in 2008. Recent exhibitions include Affordable Art Fair Battersea - London, the Pleinair Festival in Gerona (guest artist) Gallery El Potro, Córdoba and Casa de Velázquez in Madrid.

Annika lives and works in Málaga, utilising the special light and landscape of Andalusia. She frequently travels to Finland to capture the different kind of remote beauty found there. This collection of landscape work has been inspired by trips earlier this year.

In her work, both in landscape and still-life, Annika uses numerous elements of nature, particularly trees, snow, animals, plants, light and water as symbolic entities reflecting their eternal and enduring relationships with mankind.