Anne Zieler


A French artist now based in London, Anne Zieler has lived across the world and began her artistic journey in Latin America. Captivated by Inca pottery, she started participating in ceramic workshops to discover this ancient art form, which immediately fascinated her. She continued her exploration through workshops in Europe and then pursued more intensive training under the guidance of Master Potter Yukiharu Furuno in Japan. Following this, Anne joined the Jalan Bahar Clay Studios in Singapore, becoming part of a community of renowned local ceramicists.

In 2019, Anne took a significant step by deciding to exhibit and sell her work. That same year, she participated in the Affordable Art Fair Singapore and has since been actively showcasing and selling her work in various art exhibitions in Singapore and London.

Anne’s work is primarily decorative, characterised by a minimalist aesthetic that pays equal attention to surface and form. Her ceramics possess a tactile quality that reflects her international life path, especially her years in Asia, which continue to be a profound source of inspiration. Each piece is unique, emanating a sense of calm and harmony that has become a signature of her work.

My process is intuitive, and my inspiration is deeply connected to the countries I have lived in, predominantly Japan and Singapore. Whether it's throwing on the wheel or hand-building, I challenge myself by pushing the limits of clay, experimenting with different shapes, techniques, and glazes to create unique decorative pieces. I often glaze and fire some of my pieces multiple times to achieve distinctive textures and effects. Driven by colours and shapes, as well as a minimalist sense of aesthetics, my goal is to create simple yet delicate decorative pieces that convey a sense of calm and harmony, creating a contrast between texture, shade and form.

In her signature, Anne incorporates a Japanese ideogram meaning “apricot,” pronounced “anzu.” This choice was inspired by the Japanese practice of selecting symbols for their children's names based on desired meanings. The apricot symbolises resilience, elegance, and purity of heart—a reflection of Anne's values and aspirations. Furthermore, her Stellar series is inspired by the Chinese Bi-disc, symbolising the connection between earth and the universe. These pieces, prevalent in Singapore, embody calm and harmony, captivating Anne with their serene beauty.