Angus Hampel

Angus Hampel, originally from South East England, embarked on a life-altering journey through Africa before studying Classics at Oxford University. Known as a journalist and a BAFTA-winning copywriter, a chance encounter with a London art school soon transformed his path. Within months, he relocated to an atelier in Florence, self-financing his studies through crossword composition. A year later, he had his first art exhibition in London. 

Now a resident of both Tuscany and the UK, Angus shares his life with his wife and five children. His art work, as he eloquently describes, are "silent arisings" that capture the wondrous moments that often elude our busy lives. To Angus, everything is extraordinary – from the fleeting flash of birds to the mesmerising dance of golden suns and moons. The incorporation of gold in his art bridges the secular with the spiritual, invoking the myriad associations from wealth to the divine.

Angus's oil paintings on linen quiver with life. The negative space, the silence in the linen where the paint is absent, creates the flutter of wings or the fleeting presence of a deer. All is moving, changing, except a golden circle. These pieces capture time in a tangible form, offering a respite from our instantaneous digital age. The intricate processes of etching and aquatint further showcase Angus's meticulous attention to detail, with each print being a unique piece due to the variables involved.

To Angus, art serves as a vital reminder of the world beyond the measurable and wholly rational. He believes that true beauty does not need a function; it simply exists. In an era where distractions are rampant, Angus's art beckons viewers to pause and truly see – to understand that there is always space for something beautiful.

In the words of Angus Hampel, "Art perhaps is more important than ever now... it shows there is more to the world than us and that not everything that is valuable is quantifiable."