Alice Gipps

After 15 years of specializing in the field, Alice has become established as one of the leading polo photographers, building up an extensive photographic library of spectacular images from around the world, many of which also feature as stunning Fine Art Photography pieces.

Success has to be due to uniquely combining all her favourite subjects; photography, horses, playing polo and art. Riding since the age of three and spending her life surrounded by horses, they have always been the main subject for her drawing and photography. A keen artist, she studied Art at college and in her gap year took the John Hall History of Art course to Italy visiting Venice, Florence and Rome. However, the desire to learn more about the anatomy, behaviour and everything equine later lead her to an Hons degree in Equine Science at University. Once introduced to polo it was clear that this was the way forward. Enthusiasm and understanding of both subject and sport combined with an untiring artistic desire to portray the beauty and elegance of the horse fuels endless ideas for creative work.