Adrian Bates

Adrian Bates is a ceramic artist based in the United Kingdom. He had a successful career in graphics that spanned over two decades before discovering his passion for clay in 2000. After attending an evening class and honing his skills, he decided to explore teaching, and over the next decade, he taught woodwork, silversmithing, copper beating, and ceramics. Bates became a full-time maker in 2012, dedicating his time to creating stunning ceramic pieces.
His work is distinguished by a combination of thrown and slab-built elements. Bates uses a minimum of superficial decoration so that the forms remain simple, allowing the overall shape to shine through without distraction. His ability to eliminate visible joints has been a significant challenge, but he has now achieved the necessary integrity to make his pieces appear seamless.
Bates employs a range of techniques to bring his vision to life, from throwing a base with a single slab lift to throwing a base and up to 13 slabs for the large Tall Inward vessels that stand at 1.25 meters. He uses glazing sparingly on some pieces to create a contrast between the 'inner' and 'outer' surfaces, with most interiors glazed by pouring and exteriors spray glazed.
He is particularly careful in obtaining a clean definition when the interiors and exteriors meet and merge visibly. For unglazed surfaces, Bates creates a subtle texture, usually burnished lightly back to make them softer and subtler. His approach to ceramics is one of craftsmanship and attention to detail, resulting in beautifully crafted pieces that showcase the natural beauty of clay.