Jenny Chan 'Balancing' ceramic H40xW40xD13cm



Original Jenny Chan

'Balancing' by Jenny Chan deals with the notion of finding inner peace whilst balancing responsibilities. The two rotating tubes within the body of the work make noises, alluding to a conflict of thoughts.

 There are 3 sets of Chinese characters:


  • 一步一腳印, One step one footprint


  • 行到水窮處,坐看雲起時- coming to the end of the stream, it seems no way out
    just sit down, look at the ever-changing clouds


  • 雲在青天,水在瓶, Clouds in the blue sky, water in the vase.⠀

The artist is conveying the need to work in harmony with our environment rather than against it. When water is faced with an obstacle, it finds a solution, without force, without conflict. Water is open to change. It can be a liquid, solid or gas, roaming wide in the open sky as clouds, nurturing the soil as rain or sitting still in a vase. Water adapts, changes, and remains flexible. ⠀