Victoria Maxwell Macdonald

Victoria Maxwell Macdonald lives in Argyll, working with oils to create atmospheric and evocative paintings of land, sea and sky; as well as the less visible elements of the natural and man-made environment; kelp beds, sand banks, interiors and still lifes.

Victoria exhibits regularly in her native Argyll and throughout the country.

Victoria is a keen sea kayaker. Many of her initial sketches are produced at launch and landing spots, and depending on the conditions, on the water. She sea kayaks anywhere between the Mull of Kintyre and Fort William regularly and occasionally travels further afield to Skye, Mull & Arisaig. She also takes longer trips to Lewis, Harris (inclucing St Kilda), Orkney and the north west coast. Many sketches are done at launch and landing spots, and depending on conditions, on the water.

“Beachcombing takes in superb beaches too, which Kintyre and Islay provide in abundance. In between there are hills, mountains, roads, farm buildings, villages, cottages, plants and trees to inspire, sketch and paint. The changing weather provides challenges and opportunities and makes sure any dull moment is short lived.”