Kirsten Jones 'Love Woodstock' print image size 94x65cms


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This series captures the passion and happiness a particular place can evoke. Inspired by amulets and ‘milagros’ (ancient symbols of love and protection) the heart symbols reference local places, landmarks, discovered details and histories. The expressive brushstrokes are inspired by map references and symbols, as if taking a journey around the town and local area.

Fragments of music scores, architectural elements, patterns, historical information, ancient script and maps are often included to tell the story of a place. The love heart series illustrate the passion we all hold for places, travel, nature... the list is endless!

Every ‘Love Heart’ piece is unique and embellished by Kirsten. Please enquire for prices and to chat about your preferred framing options.

‘Love Woodstock ’

The piece captures the essence of wonderful Woodstock. Motifs and delightful neutral colours evoke the history, landscape and details that fill this pretty town. Blenheim Palace is at the heart along with the architectural features, local hostelries and sketches from neighbouring Oxford. The vibrant palette and maps, complemented with delicate neutral tones seen on a walk around the local streets.

  • Butterflies (a reference to the beautiful butterfly house in Blenheim)
  • Objects from Blenheim including - clock, paintings, flowers ceiling decorations, plaster corbel
  • Oxford crests, street names, maps and histories
  • Woodstock crest from the town Hall 
  • Ancient maps of villages local to Woodstock
  • The history of Woodstock in the white love hearts
  • Ironwork and the spires of nearby Oxford
  • Doors of ‘The Bear’ and ‘The Feathers’ as well as pretty doorways spotted around the town.
  • Woodstock town hall and war memorial
  • Winston Churchill on his horse
  • Plants including sage, rosemary, lavender
  • The cups sculpture seen through a window, champagne bucket, cocktail
  • Local shop signs
  • An elephant, patterns and folded fabrics from the wonderful rug shop
  • Two stone lions that sit outside a beautiful house in the centre of town

The piece wouldn’t be complete without a pair of wellies - essential for wandering the gorgeous grounds of Blenheim Palace and of course a pair of swans and a Union Jack or two for good measure!