Pauline Fowler

Born in Liverpool 1957 and grew up in Africa on a diet of Gerald Durrell books.   When her family moved back to the UK Pauline acquired a BA First Class Honours Degree in Ceramics before going on to achieve her Masters Degree from the Royal College of Art, where she was personally mentored by the late Eduardo Paolozzi.

Her work has always been linked to animals; even her ‘sell-out’ degree show included two bronze animal sculptures. Following university Pauline was offered a position as sculptor in a model making company in Putney where she stayed for 5 years.  She then worked with a successful portrait sculptor, Lynne Kramer and finally joined the animatronic/prosthetic company of Animated Extras in Shepperton Film Studios, where she has been Co-Director for over 25 years.

“Maybe due to my years working in film, my pictures, even the portraits, tell a story with just a touch of anthropomorphism creeping in. Light and form is incredibly important to me, and the multi-layered textural images often take many weeks to create.”