Martin Kinnear

Martin Kinnear (47) is a noted oil painter and Course Director of the Norfolk Painting School. He specialises in traditional oil techniques and writes for the subject for journals including ‘The Artist’, ‘Artists & Illustrators’, ‘Leisure Painter’ and ‘Paint’. He has been featured in several publications including ‘Norfolk’ Magazine and was selected by International Artist Magazine for their ‘Master Painters of the World’ showcase feature.

About Martin’s Current Work

‘My recent work, as featured in my 2016 solo show The Painted Garden, documents my recovery from a devastating stroke at the age of 34. Of flowers but about people, the work is a series of meditations on the human condition. First presented as a solo show at The New British Art Gallery (North Creake) in 2016, The Painted Garden received acclaim from both the press and public, and was showcased in a ‘Masterclass’ feature in The Artist magazine.’