Jolomo 'Heavy Snowfall Orinsay Isle of Lewis' oil on canvas 16x30ins (41x76cm)


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Jolomo is a master at recording on canvas what the light does to the landscape.  It is this ‘magical light’ that captivates the viewer, transporting them to this place of peace and tranquillity.

This painting depicts the spectacular scenery around Orinsay, on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. It is rich in colour despite being winter. The coldness of the snow is contrasted with a dramatic sunset over a turquoise sea.  Shadows of purple on the croft's roof and the boat nestled on the shore, allow us to enjoy Jolomo’s abundant palette. The beauty is in the stillness, with a single croft immersed in snow, raw to the elements but with a magical light cast overhead.

Jolomo comments that his colours have recently developed an even brighter hue and this is an excellent example. "The Hebrides have always had a big part of my heart".