Gaby Guz

Gaby first studied Ceramics at Camden Arts Centre where her teacher and mentor was the Sudanese Ceramicist Mo Abdalla Abarro. She then embarked on a Ceramics Degree at Harrow School of Art which was an excellent environment in which to learn the skills of a Studio Potter. She is a member of the Rochester Square Group of Potters and Ceramicists in Camden Town, London. Her vessels are all made on the potter's wheel.

Gaby's obsession is form and finish. Much time is spent contemplating the aesthetics of the neck, rim, shoulders, base and profile of the vessel and making sure that the relationship of these to each other is harmonious. She aims to make perfect often difficult to throw vessels, which have an appropriate weight for their form and volume. The way a pot feels is as important to her as the way it looks.

In contrast to the throwing, her surface decoration is often unpredictable and the end result is down to the alchemy of the Raku firing process that she favours. Each vessel ends up with unique markings.

She is particularly interested in the Naked Raku process, which is complicated and risky. When it works it results in a smooth eggshell like, unglazed surface which has been created through a series of processes including the removal of glaze post-firing.