Caroline Hunter

Caroline Hunter was born in Edinburgh in 1964 and moved with her family in 1968 to the Orkney Isles.  She attended Aberdeen University (1982-86) where she obtained and MA Hons in History of Art.  She worked as an archaeological fieldworker in Shetland, Hebrides and Mainland Scotland between 1986 and 1991 and in 1991 catalogued pottery for the National Portrait.  In 1992 Caroline returned to Orkney to become a full-time painter.  In 1995 she moved to the Scottish Borders and in 1999 moved to Argyll.

Caroline first exhibited at the RSW (Edinburgh) in 1997; she exhibits regularly with RSW, RGI and RSA.


1997                Shortlisted for Noble Grossart Painting Prize
1999                RGI - James Torrance Memorial Prize
2002                Laing Land & Seascape Competition Shortlist, Mall Galleries