Alexei Bazanov

Alexei was born in 1959 in Saratov on the River Volga. He went to the Art School in Saratov and graduated in 1979. He was accepted as a student at the Academy of Fine Art in St Petersburg and studied under Professor Milnikov in the Monumental Art Department. He graduated with honours in 1989. From 1986 to 1993 he was involved with the creation of frescoes and large wall mosaics for a hospital, a hotel, a café, and a high school in various Russian towns. He also worked on one of the mosaics for a new metro station in St Petersburg.

His portrayal of female figures performing everyday tasks captures an elegant calmness and poise. His paintings are produced with an immaculate and classical perfection, the gentle light flowing over the figures in a moment of stillness as though they have been carved from stone.

Since 1990 he has been showing his work in exhibitions in Russia and abroad. He has exhibited in Paris, Geneva, Florida, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Germany, Spain and Britain as well as in St Petersburg and Moscow. He has also appeared in the prestigious Russian publication The Art Index.